Picasso's Upside Down Drawing

30-40 minutes

PURPOSE OF THIS EXERCISE: Is to reduce the conflict between your right brain mode and your left brain modes by causing your language mode (left side) to drop out of the task. You will be exercising your right brain mode with this exercise.

INSTRUCTION: Keep the drawing upside down and draw what you see. You may start anywhere you want but focus on the lines not the fact it is a picture of Igor Stravinsky. When you are finished, turn it right side up and, if you tapped into your right brain mode, you will be pleasantly surprised. Sign and date your drawing. Turn in for a grade.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Portrait of Igor Stravinsky, Paris, May 21, 1920, Privately owned.

GRADED ON: Accuracy, Utilizing R-mode/L-Mode Concepts, Craftsmanship